Below you will find information on practices, USA Water Polo, Tournaments and Travel, and FAQ's.

Practice Information:

We have a rolling practice schedule which is roughly 8-weeks on and 4-weeks off. For each session, the coaches also schedule two or three scrimmages/tournaments for each age group.

  • Fall session runs from September through November. Our Winter session runs from December through early February, with no practices the last two or three weeks of December. Our Spring session runs from March through April/May. During the school year, practices are generally Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 for our 10U group and 6:30 to 8:00 for our 12U and 14U groups.
  • Summer session typically starts just before the Memorial Day weekend and runs through the end of July with JOs being the big summer finale. For our Summer session, practices are Tuesday and Thursday through the end of the school year and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 12:00 or 12:30.

Where we Practice/Pool Locations:

Arroyo Pool

2000 Shasta Dr, Davis, CA 95616

Schaal Pool

426 Health Sciences Dr., Davis, CA 95616

Schaal Parking Information:

  • Schaal Parking Information:
    • UC Davis TAPS (Transportation Services) has a AMP Park app that makes it relatively easy to pay for parking from your phone. Once you setup your account, select your parking zone, vehicle, pay for the day, and go.
    • There is a new app that UC Davis is using called AMP Park. Parkmobile will no longer work after 9/30/23.
      Please download the AMP Park app and create an account with the email address.  Instructions for the AMP app are here.
      Please fill out this google form to add your name to the parking list.
      Please fill out the form with the email address you use when creating an account with AMP Park. If you use the same email address you used for Parkmobile, it will be a simpler process for the parking office.
      Please be patient. It could take a week or two for everyone's information to be updated.

      If you are only at the pool for less than an hour, you may want to pay through the COSMO machine in the parking lot at the visitor rate of $2.50/hr. Hourly Rates:

      • 1 Hour - $2.50
      • 2 Hours - $6
      • 3 Hours - $10.50
      • 4 Hours - $15
      If you have any questions, please contact

Schaal Aquatic Center Pet Policy:

The university has asked us to remind our families that for the comfort and safety of all user groups animals are prohibited inside Schaal Aquatics Center, with the exception of certified special assistance animals or animals in training.

Additional information on UCD's animals on campus policy can be found at Section 290-90 of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual.

To register for this season’s Davis Water Polo Club (DWPC) session, go to our Registration page and follow the instructions or contact our registrars, Debra Greenway or Carolyn Walker, at for assistance.



USA Water Polo Registration Requirements 

USAWP Membership – In addition to the Club’s session fee you also need to sign up your athlete as a USA Water Polo member (the Gold level is required for Junior Olympic-related events) in order for your athlete to participate in games and also practices. USAWP essentially provides DWPC with insurance in the event a player is injured. USAWP membership expires at the end of each calendar year.

What USA Water Polo Membership level should I sign up for?

Silver: 10 and older and novice players who would like to practice and participate in local tournaments. Not eligible for National events.

Gold: The "complete" athlete membership; eligible for all USA Water Polo sanctioned activity, including practices, local tournaments, National events (Junior Olympics) and the Olympic Development Program.

Where do I go to sign up for a USA Water Polo Membership?

To sign up for USA Water Polo memberships go to the USA Water Polo Website at

Once a USAWP member, login and upload a photo of your athlete. After the USAWP member login screen, click on “MY USAWP ACCOUNT” and follow the photo upload instructions.

USAWP also has a birth date verification requirement for all Junior Olympic athletes, and a player cannot be included on a JO roster unless his/her birth date has been successfully verified in the USAWP system. There is a one-time charge of $5.00 paid online through TC logiQ Secure Website. Follow the Birth Date Verification link also located on the “MY USAWP ACCOUNT” page.


Tournaments and Travel

Each session, we go to approximately two regional tournaments (Bay Area usually) and one travel tournament. The travel tournaments are an extra expense with hotel, travel, and a tournament fee. There will be some tournaments in Southern California and Northern California. Our main summer season culminates in the Junior Olympics tournament. Junior Olympics rotates every other year between Southern California (Orange County) and Northern California (San Jose/Palo Alto).


Why water polo?

Water polo athletes are the best physical specimens in sports as their training is a full body and cardio workout. Water polo is a niche sport with great opportunities in high school and unlike land sports- it requires the unique athlete who can perform at this level. It is the dedicated and hardworking athlete who succeeds at high school water polo. There aren’t tons of 8th graders vying for limited training spots in high school their freshman year like in other land sports.

Many of our DWPC athletes continue to play in high school and explore college water polo opportunities. DWPC has had numerous athletes play at both the National level and have successful college careers as student athletes.

On average, games last 45 minutes and are broken down by 4 quarters. Unlike many youth sports, parents are not required to volunteer. Although we encourage parent participation, we also want you to enjoy watching athletes play. On rare occasions, we will ask for parent volunteers but for the most part, you’ll have the opportunity to watch your child play during scrimmages and games. When the game is over, your athlete is clean, exhausted, and hungry. That’s not always the case with some other sports. And most importantly, it's FUN!


When can I join Davis Water Polo?

We welcome you to Davis Water Polo anytime. Go to our website and review our Calendar to find out what days/times your age group is practicing and introduce yourself to our friendly staff. Or go to the "Contact Us" section of the Davis Water Polo homepage to find detailed contact information. Our water polo seasons and fees are split into four quarters throughout the year. Join anytime.


How do I join Davis Water Polo?

Start by contacting us or visiting us on the pool deck. We will walk you through our automated sign up process and warmly welcome you. First, obtain a membership for your player with USA Water Polo. Then, click on the Registration button on this website to get started. 


What are the Club seasons?

Davis has quarterly sessions: These quarters coincide with our competition schedule. Youth compete often in the Summer. Winter is more about development for youth and less about competition. We highly encourage our players to swim competitively to improve their water polo. Just Check the Calendar section of our website for practice times. Feel free to contact our coaches directly with any questions.

  • Fall from September to November
  • Winter from December to February
  • Spring from March to May
  • Summer from June to August. 


How old do you have to be to play water polo?

Being comfortable in the water is the primary criterion for playing water polo. DWPC has players as young as six years-old. Please inquire with one of our coaches to determine how to ease into our sport. Remember, we have a fun Rugrat, entry-level program that gives young players a great foundation of the sport while they are participating in other sports or getting ready for water polo.


What equipment do we have to purchase or wear?

  • Swimsuits.
    • Boys will wear a speedo 
    • Girls wear competition or water polo suits. 
    • An athlete may acquire a team suit through our gear manager. Click  Apparel 
  • Swim Caps. Those with longer hair will find it much easier to play water polo if they keep their hair in a swim cap. The latex or silicone swim cap is worn under the water polo cap. Athletes can use their swim team cap for water polo practice. 
  • Goggles. 1 - 2 pairs for workouts that include swim sets  
  • Basic apparel and other merchandise are available by clicking on the Apparel button on our website.


Does Davis Water Polo accept players from out of Davis?

Absolutely. We welcome everyone.


How do I find information about the high school water polo programs at Davis Senior High School?

Contact either Tracy Stapleton for the boys water polo program and contact Doug Wright for girls’ water polo. You can find Tracy and Doug's contact information under the Coaches section or contact the high school's athletic director, Jeff Lorenson. More high school information can be found at Talking to other parents and athletes can also be helpful.


Do you teach kids to swim?

No, we teach them to play water polo. Beginning swimmers should check out Aquadarts, Aquamonsters or Swim America in Davis. Their websites can be found under “links” on our main toolbar.


Do I have to try out or pass a swim test?

No, but coaches will assess your athlete’s ability to ensure they’re placed with the proper group and level.


My player is not the best athlete, but he/she loves water polo? Are you just an Elite program?

Davis Water Polo Club caters to all ability levels and provides athletes with great training and team connections. We try our best to provide opportunities for all our players and carry teams of varying levels. If you ever feel your needs aren't being met, please address your coach privately.


When should we schedule vacations?

The best times for vacations are August (after Junior Olympics) and anytime from mid-November thru April. If you are on a team that is competing for a title, advise your coach about vacation plans months in advance of obligations and commitments.


What are the basic skills of water polo?

Comfort in the water is the most fundamental water polo skill. Swimming is part of that but swimming is considered to be "horizontal." Being able to stay high above the water "vertically" using a leg skill called the “eggbeater” is vital to success. We teach the eggbeater. Learning to handle the ball with one hand is another skill that is important. Water polo is like soccer and basketball played in the water. The object is to score the ball in the goal on offense and prevent the ball from going in the goal on defense. Davis Water Polo Club believes that understanding defense before offense is vital to a player’s ultimate success. Please see Water Polo 101


How do I learn the rules of water polo?

Unlike other sports, water polo action does not stop when the whistle blows. Action begins when the whistle blows. More information can be found at Water Polo 101. 


Three great books to help learn about Water Polo

1) Water Polo Explained by Andy Stein which also includes a really nice overview on how water polo came to be  

2) A Parent's Guide to Water Polo by Joe Greenwald  

3)  Sydney's Silver Lining by Kyle Utsumi.  This is the story about women's water polo being added to the Olympics which took place @ the 2000 Sydney games.


Have more questions?

Contact registrars Carolyn and Debra at and they will get you answers to your questions.