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Summer Session Practice Schedule is as follows:


8U Co-ed: Coaches: Carolyn Walker, Ashley Macedo, Rylie Johnson, plus 2-6 younger coaches TBD.  $100


Thursday, May 30th - Club scrimmage and Pizza Party

June 10-July 17 (off on July 3rd) Mondays and Wednesday


10U Co-ed:  Coaches Scott Strong, Carolyn Walker, + Lucie Lapuz, & Jared Voskuhl $250

May 6- May 30 TTh at Schaal 6-7:30 pm.  

June 3-June 5 MTW at Davis Swim & Fitness, 303 Ensenada, Davis. 4-5 PM

June 10-June 13 MTWTh at Davis Swim & Fitness 12:00-1:30 pm

June 17-July 19 MW 6-7 pm at Community and TTh 12:30-2p at Schaal (off on July 3rd and 4th)


12U Boys: Coach: Dan Leyson & Holden Neach $700

May 6- May 31 MWF at Schaal 4-6 pm 

June 3-June 4 Mon and Tues at Arroyo 7p-845p.   No practice June 5-7th.

June 10-June 13 MTWTH at Arroyo 5-7p

June 17- July 18 MTWTh 12-145p at Schaal (off on July 3rd and 4th)


12U Girls: Aja Bumbaca & Mary Rhodes + Rylie Johnson & Lucie Lapuz $700

May 6-May 31 TTh Schaal 6-8p, plus Fri 4-6 

June 3- June 6  Monday and Tuesday at Arroyo 7-845p. No practice Wed, June 5. Thursday, June 6, 6-8pm at Arroyo

June 10-June 13 MTWTh at Arroyo 5-7p

June 17- July 22 MTWTh 10a-12p at Schaal  (off on July 3rd and 4th)


14U Boys: Coaches: Nick Alden & Sam Monette $700

May 6-May 31 TTh 6-8p and Fri 4-6p 

June 3-June 5 MW at Woodland 7:15-9p. No practice June 4th and 6th.

June 10 at Woodland 830p-10pm

June 11 at Arroyo 730-9p

June 12 at Woodland 830p-10pm

June 13 and 14 No practice

June 17- July 18 MTWTh 12-145p at Schaal  (off on July 3rd and 4th)


14U Girls: Coaches: Tony Seto & Madi Spare  $700

May 6-May 31 TTh Schaal 6-8p, plus Fri 4-6

June 2- 4-6p at Arroyo

June 4 and 6 TTh at Woodland 7:15-9 pm

June 5 and 7- no practice

June 11&12 at Woodland 8:30-10 pm, Looking into replacing this with scrimmages.
June 13- at Arroyo 7:30-9 pm

June 14 no practice

June 17- July 19 10- Noon at Schaal


16/18 Boys: Coaches Tracy Stapleton & Greg Mayeur $700

May 6- May 30 MTW at Arroyo 7:30-9p

June 3-June 7 MW at Woodland 7:15-9p 

June 10-June 14 MTh TBD

June 17- July 18 MTWTh 10:30 am-12:30 pm at Schaal (off on July 3rd and 4th)


16/18U Girls: Coaches Jamey Wright, Ally Clague & Alyssa Lengtat $700

May 6-May 30 MW Schaal 7:15-9:15p, plus Thurs at Arroyo 7:30-9

June 3- June 7  TTh at Woodland 7:15-8:45 

June 10-June 14 TBD

June 17- July 23 MTWTh 8a-10a at Schaal (off on July 3rd and 4th)


Masters: Coach Kandace Waldthaler

May 6-August 28 (29 Practices)

MW 8-9:30p

No Practice May 27, June 3-12, July 3rd

$250 for session or $10 CASH Drop-in.

If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to your coach or DWPC at daviswaterpoloclub1977@gmail.com.

Our club is so proud of all our former club players playing collegiately and none more than Brooke Doten…..former Blue Devil standout with three section titles and section MVP is the starting center defender for Undefeated MPSF champions UCLA. 


Kendall Doten, Brooke Doten and Lindsay Taylor in Indiana at MPSF.

Davis Water Polo Club is open to Girls and Boys 5 to 18 years of age as well as college and adult. 'Age group’ divisions are 18/under, 16/under, 14/under, 12/under, and 10/under.


Davis Water Polo Club


P.O. Box 73498, Davis, CA 95617